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    Several Problems

    • Written by Dominic H from Manchester

    The good:
    -Love the aux output at the back, its a great feature
    -Looks good as well.

    The problems:
    -Iphone 6 doesn't sit comfortably on top. It wobbles around and rapidly goes from charging to not when it wobbles which occasionally cases the iPhone to crash after showing a blue screen. Worrying.
    -This wobble means you can wake up in the morning and find your phone hasn't charged fully as you knocked it during the night and something as simple as a breeze from a window can mean it stops charging as it pushes slightly on the charger.
    -Every time it wobbles and disconnects you also loose the music through the aux output (obviously) but then the iPhone also pauses the song, creating a lot of hassle to put the iPhone in the correct position so that it charges again and outputs the music.

    -Nice idea, but executed poorly for the price.
    e.g. the iPhone cannot sit perfectly on the dock (has to be slanted to the left or right (for me anyway) ).

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