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    Faster charging

    Yes, it's expensive but used in conjunction with the USB-C to Lightning Cable it charges the iPad Pro like there's no tomorrow. I really can't be waiting about for over five hours for a full charge. Enjoy the efficiency of supercharging.

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    29W USB-C Power Adapter

    It’s b••ody expensive item, but it’s very useful.
    Adapter charges so quick. From 0% to 50% in Flight Mode less than 30mins
    4/5 stars because it’s sold separately USB-C cable, expensive and very big size. The rest about - just perfect. Personal opinion.

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    Charges no faster for iPhone X (12W=29w)

    I recently brought an iPhone X (which comes with a 5w charger). Having seen this 29W Charger, I thought I would go all out and treat myself knowing that sometimes the cost of these things (paid £85 with 2m cable) can't beat that need to get your IPhone charged asap for a night out. Having had the Charger and the Phone 2 weeks now and done some test with my 12w charger I've already got, I have discovered that the 12w and 29w charger, charge in exactly the same time!!!!! In 2 hours!. Having spoke to Apple Chat,, they could not give me a reasonable explanation for this (their website say that both adapters are compatible with the iPhone X) and suggested returning to the Apple Store for a refund which is what I shall do.

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    Having just spent £1000 on an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, you would expect this item to ship with the appropriate charger for the product and not the diabolical take all night to charge item they did send. I once used to tell people how great Apple was. Their products are great, I can’t deny that... but now they’re becoming more and more greedy. Be warned Apple... there are other manufacturers out there and they’re catching up fast. Your current customers will only remain loyal for so long.

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    Method in the Madness

    Bought this because I needed a fast charger for my iPad Pro. The supplied charger was taking far too long to complete a full charge.

    It’s very expensive for a charger and is made worse by the fact a USB-C-Lightning cable is also required. This will cost about 80 GBP in total!!

    Forget independent units .They either don’t work properly, have to be Apple MFI certified (meaning they cost almost as much as the manufacturer has to pay Apple a licence fee) or they’re dangerous fakes. If you own an iPad you’ll pretty much have to stick to Apple for things like chargers etc.

    But the unit is very high quality, nice in appearance and will charge my iPad fully in under 3 hrs-a fraction of the time it takes for the standard charger.

    Fast chargers will lessen the lifespan of a battery so this is probably the practical reason they are optional extras. This will also work with all current iPhones without a problem.

    An expensive but a high quality, practical solution for fast charging.

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    12.9 iPad Pro 2 non optional extra

    If you plan on a “pro” workflow on your “pro” 12.9 iPad you will need this charger. The puny 12w charger simply cannot keep up. So why wasn’t it included in the box. Your guess is as good as mine :-(

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    The charger the iPad Pro never had..

    You may have thought that buying a huge £800 iPad Pro was a good idea at first, until you realised that it takes all day to charge with that pathetic 12W charger it ships with - and then apple releases this. My iPad used to deplete charge while I was using it and charging it at the same time, until I reluctantly bought this instead.

    First of all, this charger is amazing, it's super fast. A full charge on the standard 12W charger took over 5 hours in total - a complete joke! But with this, it will now charge up in LITERALLY half that time. However, this charger doesn't deserve five stars because £39 is so much money, and of course the USB-C cable is sold separately for £35 (NOTE: You can't use your old USB leads with this, as this uses the newer USB-C input), which means that in total I paid £74 for a replacement charger which should have been included with the iPad Pro from day 1. Still, what do you expect? This kind of Apple behaviour is becoming far less uncommon. All of Apple's 1st party accessories are ridiculously overpriced now. Still, this is the best and only solution to fast charging your massive iPad Pro. In this case, there aren't any 3rd party accessories which do the job, so it's this or you just accept what you already have.

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    Should be included with the iPad Pro 12.9

    The product itself works fine, albeit very expensive once you add the cable needed. My disgust is aimed at Apple for not including it with the iPad Pro 12.9. I purchased five iPad's for my business and soon found that the included method of charging was so slow as to present a significant problem. This unit is clearly the correct charger for this model iPad. So on top of the £5K I have just invested in the tablets, keyboards, pencils etc I had to find another £375 just to be able to charge them in a reasonable amount of time.

    Appalling and very disappointing from the company that used to be the good guys.

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    No cable!

    If you buy this as a second power supply so you don't have to carry one from home to office, be warned that everything that you need is NOT in the box. Budget for an EXTRA £20-£25 for a cable to attach it to your Macbook. Why Apple tarnishes its deservedly good reputation for quality products by overcharging for these accessories I do not know.

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