• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    42 mm Space Black band totally overpriced and not fit for purpose product

    • Written by John Q from Huddersfield

    Despite deciding to buy this strap at a premium price I now find it is not premium quality.The black coating has worn from all the sharp corners.
    When I returned it to an Apple store they agreed that it should not wear but said it was a cosmetic issue and not covered under warranty.
    Apple support then contacted me and when I sent them a photo said the same. This is the sort of response I may have accepted if it had been a cheap band .
    I find it totally unacceptable that Apple should charge such a high price for such poor quality and find that I am not the only person who has complained.
    What can I do to restore my faith in Apple supplying quality products??

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Colin W from Carterton

    I have had this bracelet for close to a year, there has been no wear and still looks brand new. I also purchased some extra links as I like a fairly loose fit. Overall very satisfied and ready for Apple Watch S3

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great strap very well made.

    • Written by Steven Q from Banstead

    I purchased this as the standard sport band irritated me. It has a high price in comparison to the value of the watch. However, check the prices of other quality watch manufacturers steel straps and you will see that it’s reasonable. I have had mine now for nearly two years and it’s still perfect. It hasn’t discoloured or lost its coating. It is very comfortable very light you forget you are wearing it.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful.... To start with

    • Written by Nick R from Camberley

    Beautiful link bracelet out if the box, comfortable fit and I admired it constantly for a few weeks until..... The black DLC coating started to wear off revealing the bright shimmery silver steel underneath. To make matter worse it was on a link that you can't replace (ie/ attached to the butterfly mechanism)
    I expect a little bit of wear, but to go down to the steel within a matter of months isn't acceptable for a product costing so much money.
    When I took it into the Apple Store all I was met with was 'it's supposed to be like that'...
    Funnily enough I disagree...

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Well made product, but for me, it's a no this time..

    • Written by Lee B from ARBROATH

    Great looking product and really well made but 2 things made me return my purchase

    1. The links nipped my skin, just now and again when I walked or lifted my arm there was a little nip from the links coming together which started to get annoying after a while

    2. The price, it cost more than my Apple Watch face, it's way over priced compared to the other straps, at £250 they would have had me hooked but £449 :( nah not this time, I could have purchased a brand new iPad for the same money

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