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    Beats pill + review

    Really good quality Amazing sound

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great portable speaker

    Had a few portable speakers, but managed to get one through my work and I have to say how impressed I am with the quality of sound from this small device. I have it wirelessly connected to MyCloud so all I have to do is switch it on and my iPod does the rest. Also with it being portable I can move it around the house without losing connectivity. A* product and would reccommend to anyone thinking of getting a bluetooth speaker. Well done Beats, this is great technology.

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    Such a great product

    I bought this product for myself as I listen to music quite a lot. I previously had a Bose soundLink mini 2 but then took a risk and bought the BeatsPill+ because of its additional features. Best decision ever. The BeatsPill+ is much louder than the previous speaker I had, and the bass is so rich whilst the overall sound is crisp and high quality. The design is stunning, and I love the feature of being able to charge my iPhone when I'm out with the speaker. The sound that comes from the BeatsPill+ can be really loud on full volume and is yet a small little thing. So happy with my purchase.

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    Best in Speaker Availible in Category

    Had previously used the Bose Sound Link mini before purchasing this, and like everyone before shelling out almost £190 wanted to make sure I was getting the best speaker availible. Opted for the Beats Pill+ and it is fair to say I was extremely pleased! To anyone struggling to decide between the 2 products, I encourage you to try out the Beats Pill+ as the sound is fantastic! Very clear and extraordinarily loud for a speaker of it's size.

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