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    Looks good but beware!

    This lightening dock looks good & matches my iphone 7. I had bought the Otterbox iphone case previously (only sold on Apple) but it does not fit onto the dock!! The lightening dock is too short to connect with the phone in the case on & the Otterbox case is so tight fitting it's a pain to keep taking it off & will probably damage the phone eventually... a risk I am not willing to take, so the dock will have to be returned!!
    Apple, please sort your accessories out & make sure that all the products you sell are compatible with each other or at least state if not compatible, I would have expected less from other stores!!! I am new to Apple products & I'm rather disappointed!

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    Waste of money

    I feel so embarrassed to have purchased this. In the dizzy heights of the 6s launch, I thought I'd treat myself to an accessory, so bought the Lightening dock in rose gold to match my new phone colour. I had visions of it looking great on my desk in work, however, the dock is just that. Sadly, it doesn't do anything else. What would have been great is if you could charge the base up, so when you're out and about you could put your phone on the base to charge up throughout the day. It doesn't do this. It's a glorified seat for your phone and thats it. It's still in it's original box in a draw at home. Gutted. Anyone want to buy their phone a glorified seat, let me know ;)

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    I purchased the Dock and a 2m cable for my wife. She is extremely pleased, it is small, neat and works perfectly even with the (apple designed) case on. Well done Apple.

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    Beautiful like you'd expect from apple

    I love it got in rose gold for my iPhone SE rose gold yet to arrive so using with my iPhone 5s at min, I keep wondering why I didn't get one sooner it's so nice.

    I recommend you get 2m cable to use with it as I think the 1m that comes with the phone might be a bit short.

    I love how it's weighted down so it's very hard to knock over too.

    Overall it's worth iPhone looks really good docked in one of these.

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    Buy cheap copies or immitations at your peril!!!

    Can't imagine why anybody wouldnt rate this highly. Yes, its expensive, but its beautifully crafted, very small but perfectly formed. It operates with my 360 degree hard case with no problems whatsoever. Its a heavy little base so there is no phone wobble and you really feel the phone is locked in tight. The matching base to phone is aesthetically pleasing but not why i bought it. It is apple, it works as apple always does and opening an apple product (any apple product) is almost as good as using it, all that perfectly cut protective plastic and the way it just unwraps is a joy of perfect product packaging. All the thrill of an apple purchase for just £39. Who can argue with that? Am i seduced by the commercial marketing powerhouse animal that is "Apple" and left not being able to think for myself?....... YES.

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    Should have its own plug & cable with Lighting Dock

    I have just purchased this Lighting Dock and when I consider the price for this item, I do think it should include its own plug with at least a 2 meter cable instead of having to use the one that came with my iPhone, this also limits what socket you can use with the Lighting Dock because the cable that comes with your iPhone is so short anyway.

    If the Lighting Dock had its own plug & cable this would also allow you to more easily take the iPhone charger with you when you leave home, therefore the Lighting Dock with the extra cable & plug would stay where you wanted it without continuing having to remove the plugs etc.

    Apart from this as always this Apple product is a lovely item and is perfect for the iPhone to sit on especially with the matching colours that are available to match your iPhone.

    Thank you.

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