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    I have the plain stainless steel Milanese loop that I bought two years ago, and I like it very much. It's the most comfortable band I have, since you can adjust it exactly as you want it.

    But since I bought a space gray series 3 watch, I wanted the matching band. I put it off for a while, and finally decided to spring for it (after trying a knock-off band, which was a waste of £15). I was very disappointed. While it looks nice - that space black matches the watch perfectly - it wasn't very comfortable, feeling a bit rough. And on top of that, the bit at the end of the band with the magnet wasn't exactly straight. They different was only about one row of loops, but I couldn't unsee it, and for £200 I expected better. I returned it.

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    Comfortable and stylish

    Had the Nike sports strap with my aluminium style Apple Watch 2 and wanted something for work. This strap fits the brief perfectly - looks great, comfortable with the infinite settings and light and durable. Would recommend it.

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    Good but things to know

    To start I like the band. I bought it with the watch.

    Two things to be aware of. First it isn't suitable for anything that causes an impact up the arm. If you try golf with it for instance, it will get progessively looser with each hit. The second is that while nothing else has scratched the watch, this band if it comes in contact with the heart rate sensor will cause fine scratches on it. Not a problem most of the time because the charger will be between the band and the watch when you take it off. However if you need to take it off for airport security, for example, it will cause scratches. So a sports band for swap out might be a good idea.

    Apart from the points above the band is comfortable, looks good and is very durable.

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    Good quality upgrade

    Having recently bought a stainless steel space black Apple watch with a sports band I wanted a different strap for work etc. As this was so expensive I briefly considered a cheap version from an online retailer, but suffering from sensitive skin I decided that it was not worth the risk as cheaper versions would probably be painted and not DLC finished.

    The strap is very well made and extremely comfortable, although it has a tendency to pull the hairs on your wrist. The magnet was my main concern but it is very strong and barely loosens during a full days wear. I'm sure that a lot of the price is the name but the quality is spot on.

    Would definitely recommend the genuine article if you can stretch to it.

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    Its toooooo nice.......

    I wasn't sure that I would be able to justify the £175 price tag... and was pretty sure I would turn it straight back to Apple for refund, I felt guilty spending the money on just a strap.... WRONG. It is lovely. My watch feels so much nicer on my arm than with the standard strap. I Just hope Apple Watch2 when it eventually arrives will not make this strap obsolete.... It looks great ...One last thing... I hope the finish is going to live up to normal use....

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