• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    It's good news and bad news

    Read the reviews and you will immediately understand the pros and cons of this keyboard. The pros are that it's lightweight, nicely designed and it greatly enhances the usability of the ipad to the extent that I can more often leave my Mac at home. (Alright it's not backlit but it's supposed to be portable for God's sake).

    However the cons (or con) is that it WILL stop working - somewhere between 12 and 24 months after you bought it and usually just after the warranty runs out. This happened to me, it happened to most of the reviewers on this site and the forums are littered with complaints by people who have suffered the same thing. The problem appears to be with the magnetic coupling which becomes de-magnetised after a period so that the keyboard is no longer recognised.

    This is not an isolated problem. It happens A LOT - to the extent that this begins to look like built in obsolescence on Apple's part. It's a problem that really should have been fixed by now.

    That said, I have just bitten the bullet and bought my second one of these gadgets because I simply find it that indispensible. It took a bit of soul searching to fork out another £140 knowing that this will probably happen again but in the end I figured it was worth it - just.

    This really would be a much better product if it was just a little bit more reliable - I have cartons of long life milk that have lasted longer than this.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I cant believe I am saying this about an apple product, but this is rubbish.
    The keyboard doesn't lie flat
    The keys make typing very difficult
    The whole thing feels very unstable.
    The Logitech Create is a far superior product - yes it might be heavier but it is well worth the extra few grams.
    I probably wouldn't have even bothered leaving a negative review, but for the fact that Apple don't really want it back.
    It was a gift - but apparently I have to get the person who purchased the gift to call them - have you ever heard of anything so stupid.
    It is not even as though they will give anyone a refund - just vouchers!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Really pleased with this

    Pros: I have had it a couple of months now. I find it easy to type on, very portable, like the material and the fact you can wipe it clean, no batteries to worry about, can comfortably balance on crossed legs.
    Cons: A bit on the expensive side, it would be nice if it cam in other colours instead of just grey.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Pointless and an utter waste of money!

    I purchased this Smart Keyboard to use with my new 9.7 iPad Pro and was at first very excited to use it. The new look keyboard felt very nice to type with and the Smart keyboard only added a little bit more weight and bulk to my iPad Pro.

    I then gave it a try in 'Watch' mode and this was when it completely and utterly fell apart. The viewing angel was all most straight up direct and made watching anything on my iPad virtually impossibly. I went to my local Apple store and looked at other keyboards and they all had this issue.

    I find this utterly and completely pointless and a very poor design flaw by Apple. For the price of this Smart keyboard I would have expected it to be perfect but its far from it.

    Apple's accessories at the moment are really poorly designed, not what I have come to expect from Apple.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Easy to type on. (9.7 easier than larger ipad pro keyboard ). expensive but worth the money. Doesnt seem to drain battery. I use a macbook pro and was worried about whether this type of keyboard would work properly but actually being able to type and switch to the touchscreen functions of the ipad pro is useful.
    A bit unsteady in standing and shame it doesnt cover the back but would definitely buy again and recommend it. love the way it makes the ipad pro closer to a laptop

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent compromise - but pricey

    I like it. A lot. I think some of the critical reviews are a tad unfair. To cover some of the critical points raised. Yes, it's slightly annoying that it's a US keyboard with no '£' sign. But only slightly, because you can alter the hash sign above the 3 key to print £. Problem solved. And it's true that it's not ideal to use it on your lap. But it's an iPad, not a LAPtop. If you want to use something on your 'lap', well, get a LAPtop. And, sure, there is no mouse or trackpad to locate the cursor as one reviewer says. But there wouldn't be, would there. It's an iPad, not a laptop. Try you finger! That locates the cursor immediately, and far quicker and more efficiently than using a mouse or trackpad. You don't have a touch screen on your Mac Laptop. Do you moan about that?

    On the plus side, the keyboard is aesthetically pleasing. It folds away neatly, protecting the screen, and it's light. I've been using a Logitech keyboard on my old iPad for three years. The Logitech keyboard is good, has a whole row of short cut keys, and is easy to type on. I'm a fan. But it's heavy, and not as aesthetically pleasing as the Apple keyboard. Further, many reviews say that the Logitech Keyboard for the large iPad Pro tends to mark the screen.

    I haven't spilt fluid on the Apple keyboard yet, but I probably will, and there is protection for that. The keys have a pleasing feel, and a precise touch. Despite it's diminutive size, I can touch type on this keyboard easily. Only one key (the | and \) is out of place but I use that so rarely that it's not a problem. I would have preferred a larger Enter/Return key, but I'm managing.

    Someone complained that the keyboard does not protect the iPad. But it does. Except for the metal back. And that doesn't need protection. It's metal for heaven's sake. But, if you do want to feel you are protecting it, you can buy the Apple back case. it's outrageously expensive and completely unnecessary, but it matches the keyboard, and is very pleasing to the eye and even more pleasing to the touch. Did you need to buy that? asked my wife. What does 'need' mean? Satiating my pleasure sensors I suspect. It's a Y chromosome thing.

    Overall, only one complaint. The pricing. Yep, we are all sucked in by Apple's beguiling design and presentation, but one day they will catch a cold on this. If the keyboard were £40 cheaper, and the matching back case £30 cheaper, it would have been 5 stars. But I still like it.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Keyboard but what were Apple thinking!

    The keyboard is extremely nice to use and the magnets, which hold the keyboard to the iPad a very strong so you can move the case without worrying about the the case snapping off like my old Smart Cover did! On the downside the case is shabby in the fit, it seems to move a lot and doesn't sit flush with the iPad when holding it. THE MAJOR DOWNSIDE THOUGH, is the fact that Apple and their infinite wisdom these days have decided to remove the auto-lock feature from the case. Unlike the SMART COVER the SMART KEYBOARD does not auto-lock and auto-unlock your iPad display. Who in their right mind decided to this at Apple needs their head checking! Little niggles like this seem to be appearing all over Apple new products and it's very annoying!!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Was in two minds but glad I bought this...

    I was waiting for Logitech to get their act together and release the create keyboard for the 9.7 pro - I wanted a backlit keyboard you see. Anyway, I gave up waiting and decided to go for this one and boy... am I glad I did. One feature of this keyboard that I wasn't that bothered about was the fact that it is water resistant. I can now confirm that it is red wine resistant also! Yes, I knocked a glass of red wine over the keyboard. However, fear not, it wiped off with a damp cloth and all is good. Now I am glad I didn't wait for the Logitech one because that would have been destroyed I'm sure.
    Anyway, back to the keyboard. I like it; it folds aways very neatly and is so slim it's not much thicker than a smart cover. Typing is a little strange at first but you soon get used to it and then it's fine. One thing I have noticed is that if you are typing with it on your knees (i.e. not on a flat surface) if the keyboard flexes away from the iPad it separates the smart connector and loses it's connection. Its not a deal breaker though because it rarely happens but worth mentioning.
    Would I buy it again? Yes. Although I did close my eyes when I clicked 'buy' due to the cost.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great keyboard, but avoid "watch mode".

    First point to note: US layout should not be an issue for British users - the only difference is that the € and £ symbols are not physically printed on the 2 and 3 keys respectively, and that has been the case for "British" keyboards for all Apple devices since forever. The only people who may find this a challenge are those crossing over from non Apple computers.

    So, let's get the bad points out of the way:

    1. "Watch mode" is downright dangerous - the iPad stands almost completely vertical and is way too easy to knock over, risking a smashed screen. Never use this mode on a train or airplane table (or any surface at risk of being knocked). It's annoying because the angle it stands at is not how it appears in the pictures on Apple's website.
    2. You lose the "long press for key options" that you get on the screen keyboard (and in OS X), for example for using accented characters. If you want to type é, you need to type option + e, then e. I still haven't worked out how to type a grave accent (the opposite of acute).
    3. No back light. The light of the screen illuminates the keys pretty well though, so it's not quite the deal breaker.

    Now the good points:

    1. No Bluetooth pairing!
    2. No battery! (although it's not clear what drain this keyboard puts on the iPad battery)
    3. Loads of OS X-like keyboard shortcuts to make your iPad Pro feel more like a Macbook
    4. Solves the onscreen keyboard's major flaw - accidentally selecting all text by typing too fast!
    5. It's a super slim cover that's barely thicker than the normal "folio" cover.
    6. The angle of the screen in typing mode is much more upright than the full sized iPad Pro with its Smart Keyboard, so that mitigates Bad Point #1 above.

    Unlike other reviewers, I have had no problems for lack of a mouse or trackpad... iOS was designed to make such devices redundant, and I see no reason why a touch screen device needs one at all.

    Additionally, I don't agree that the lack of back protection is a valid criticism - this accessory never claims to protect the back of the iPad. If you need full protection of the device, then there are other solutions that will help. I'm going for a super-slim, clear back protector, to use in conjunction with the Smart Keyboard.

    Logitech are soon to release a 9.7" version of their Create keyboard case, which protects the back of the iPad and has backlit keys. That comes at a cost though - the original Create is extremely heavy and doubles the overall weight of the device; the new version is likely to do the same.

    This is an expensive accessory, but there really is no cheaper alternative that is similarly lightweight and convenient.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Expensive Smart Cover

    Although I've had the keyboard less than 24 hours, I've posted this review on the basis that I think the item is unlikely to spring any additional surprises!
    On the positive side, the item does what is described by Apple. Nice strong magnets hold the keyboard firmly to the iPad Pro and it connects without fuss. The keyboard action has a nice feel and as one would expect there is no delay during typing. When folded up it's extremely neat.
    Yes, it will support the iPad Pro so you can watch a video*
    *It is extremely awkward (unsteady) to use on one's lap. So it would not be practical to use anywhere that doesn't have a level surface.
    The keyboard shortcuts are EXTREMELY LIMITED. As there is no mouse or trackpad to help locate the cursor, the keyboard doesn't add any form of extra functionality.
    And although this will not effect the majority, it is NOT designed for the left-handed! I use my left fingers or thumb to unlock the iPad so that is on the wrong side when the keyboard is attached.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not worth the money

    OK, so it is in the small print, but don't expect to be able to find a UK GPB symbol and other 'symbols' are located on different keys, it is a US keyboard layout only. When using it, if you brush against the screen, you have to fish around to find the script you were typing because it will change screen. It doesn't cover/protect all the ipad. I'm returning mine.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic integrated addon

    Having owned all previous 9.7 inch iPad's I have always had to make do with heavy, awkward keyboard cases that added a lot of bulk.

    The Smart Keyboard is lighter, has no need for any Bluetooth function to be on and is easy to type on. It folds very neatly whether in keyboard mode or just folding back like a normal Smart Cover. Only downsides are the ease to which the case often comes off and the fact you still need a separate case to cover the back of the iPad. That said this has made the iPad feel for the first time like a proper little mini MacBook!

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