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    Vastly Overpriced

    Yes, this is a good cover in many respects: it snaps across the back of the ipad and the colours are great. It's wipe-clean too, which is a plus. It fits very well and folds into a reasonably secure stand, but one of my gripes is that it's only possible to use it in landscape mode. Portrait mode just doesn't work, which means that it's difficult to play some gaming apps without detaching it. Most of all though, I really resent paying so much money for half a case; if you want to protect the back as well as the front (and I did) you have to buy a silicone cover too, which takes the total price for protecting an ipad pro to around a hundred and eighteen pounds. If they sold the two parts as a single case for that price, no one would be foolish enough to buy it. So I feel ripped off and gullible.

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