• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Looks great but offers no protection to shocks.

    Bought this case as was really impressed with the feel of the leather and that it didn't add much to the proportions of my SE. I returned it after a few days as everytime I took the phone out of my pocket it had popped out of the case. Apple store in Edinurgh replaced as exected and I've been happier with this one (if only for a few months) until recently it's started not holding the phone in properly again. My son dropped the phone on the table yesterday (can only have been 30cm fall) and the screen has cracked... I would say if you want to keep the iphone's asthetics and feel then leave it as is; if you want protection then buy a proper bumper. Lesson learnt!

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    Great looking but expensive & beware if you ever need to remove the phone

    Great looking, feels great but is very expensive & BEWARE if you ever need to remove the phone from the case - the thin edge around the lightning connector aperture is very fragile - I broke it when I tried to take the case off to change the SIM in the phone (my wife's phone and she was NOT impressed by my efforts!)

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    Amazing Gift

    I got this for my brother as a Christmas present (who has an iPhone 5S) and I was curious so I tried it out. It was the best case I have ever tried out and makes my phone much more grippy. It's also really good for protection because I am dropping my phone a LOT and it's still in perfect condition. Thank You Apple!

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    Not quite the standard you'd expect from Apple

    I was expecting this case to be a perfect fit, seeing as it is an official Apple product for an Apple phone. It is a little too small, if anything, maybe 1 or 2mm too shallow. The case edges don't quite wrap around the metal phone edges around the screen, so the glass is only just level with the rim of the case, so if you were to lay it face down on a flat surface, the screen would be touching the surface. The holes for the speaker and mic don't quite line up either. The 'velveteen' lining is soft and protective for the phone and the finish of the leather is very nice, it's just the size that's the issue. Certainly not worth £39 at all, more like, say £15, in my opinion.

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    Not usable with 30pin to lightning adaptor

    I bought this case for my iPhone 5, having been told instore it was compatible. When I got it home I found I could not use the phone in the case in my speaker dock, which has a genuine Apple 30pin to lightning adaptor, because the hole for the Lightning connector is too small to allow the connector to be pushed fully home, unlike the iPhone 6 case, where the gap at the bottom is almost the whole width of the phone. It also doesn't fit on my Belkin charging stand, so even if I got a speaker dock with a lightning connector I'm not sure it would work.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Dress To Impress - Simply The Best Case Ever

    I've got my brand new 64GB iPhone SE in Space Grey (Black) on my birthday May 27th 2016 (Birthday Present), I previously had 64GB iPhone 5s Space Grey but it was sold. So I bought one of these Black Apple Leather Cases For My iPhone SE. Truthfully Speaking, I'm Really Impressed With This Case, it Really Dresses The iPhone SE Pretty Smart, Sexy & Feels Amazing To Hold in the Hand, Doesn't Add To Much Bulk or Weight, Holes Are Perfectly Cut out, Covers All-Around the sides, it has Super Smooth Soft Microfibre Lining to protect from scratches. No Bad points on this case. It's totally bang on. After 1 week later I even bought the Midnight Blue Case for different Occasions, it's Just Awesome, Goes Pretty Well With My Space Grey iPhone SE. I Love it. To Keep The Case Looking Fresh & Clean, Use Fresh Wet Wipes or Microfibre Cloth. It Will Look Like New Again. Black & Dark Colours Are Easy to Maintain. iPhone SE - Simply Elegant

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    The best case I've ever had for my iPhone.It has a very nice feeling to hand and also it doesn't add much bulk to the phone which is great as most cases that I had could barely fit in my pocket. Definetly worth the £30 if you are looking for a good quality case for your iPhone.

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