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    Not good material

    Everyone around can her your music and I have use it and whole the material get off I have refunded and they give me new one the new one the new one not working without the charger I have give it to the store and waiting for feedback about 12 days more so I didn't enjoy it coz I have visit the store for many time and I have to leave it for fix

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    Worth the price!

    I was very hesitant in buying a new pair of headphones, let alone an expensive one, but one day at the Apple store I gave in and bought it as an impulse buy. It's worth every penny. The sound is brilliant and never thought I needed a wireless pair until I got this one. The battery life is very long and the sound is nice and crisp, I particularly love the bass boost. It connects very easily to my Apple devices. I also like the fact that it comes with a cable for times when you don't want to use bluetooth. I got the gold one and it looks very stylish. And it matches my new gold MacBook 12!

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    While expensive the beats prove to be worth every penny. Crystal clear quality sound, comfortable, durable and beautiful. The battery life sets itself apart from other devices in terms of last and how fast they charge. The headphones fit snug and maximise comfort with the padded cushion. These headphones have really be designed with the user in mind. Product is 10/10

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