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    weird behaviour with USB C charger

    • Written by Prithvi S from Harwich

    Every so often i find plugging in the 87W charger to my MacBook pro or iPad pro does not start charging them (at first i thought my mac was at fault, but not so as a separate usb c device also doesn't charge). disconnecting the charger from the wall and device, dismantling the plug part of the charger and the cable; swapping the cable end for end and reconnecting everything seems to get it going again. what's going on??!! this issue is now present even in the third charger I have bought.

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    Quite lit but too expense

    • Written by Harry S from Chelmsford

    Pretty litt but costs too much for a charger

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    Frustrating - sometimes my laptop isn't being charged while plugged in.

    • Written by Brian D from Newtownards

    What really frustrates me about this power adaptor is that i regularly find my MacBook Pro not charging despite the fact it's plugged in.

    When compared to the old magsafe adaptors this is a huge step backwards. Essentially there are 2 issues with the new design.
    1) unless the usb-c connection is properly seated in it's slot power doesn't get to the laptop. Furthermore when working with the laptop on my knee - e.g. while travelling the connector can become slightly dislodged, meaning that charing stops.
    2) unlike the old power adapter the usb-c cable can be disconnected at the "power brick" end as well as the laptop end, giving 2 possible points of failure.

    By contrast. look at a lightning connector as an good example of a connector that doesn't have this problem. A lightning connector has indentations at each side so that the connector can gripped by an iPhone. By contrast a USB-C connector has smooth sides and no notch that can be used by the laptop to hold onto the cable and stop it sliding out accidentally.

    I appreciate there may be reasons why apple moved away from magsafe, in principle I don't mid that the new adapter isn't magsafe, but I do mind that I'm not always getting a full charge when available while travelling on business, leading to a loss of productivity and loss of earnings because of a poorly designed power connector.

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