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    BeatsX B

    comfortable and light easy to use bass is really good on these small but brilliant headphones i like the fact that they use apples lightning cable to charge up and 5 mins gets you two hours of music. i know these are apples first beats headphones since becoming owners of the beats company and i must say that these are fantastic for a first product release and have the new W1 chip in the same as apples own wireless pods i have tried both headphones and i must say i prefer these coz the EarPods to me are too chunky and i kept feeling like they would fall out at some point but the reason i love these is because i can ride my bike anywhere even over bumpy roads and they are still in my ear... if i had to give a rating for these it would be 10-10 :)

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    Fantastic for all occasions, I love them.

    I really struggled when looking at new earphones. I had a much bigger budget than this but after all my research I chose these and haven't been dissapointed. Previous versions of beats I owned had noise cancelling hum or lacked any range and felt cheap. These are a huge leap forward for beats. The tone is perfect for all genres and has that warm thud of bass without loosing the mids or highs and the build quality and packaging is fantastic. Now the reason I struggled was sweat proofing. These are not sweat proof but after 6 weeks in the gym I have had no issue. I squat with these and the band isn't affected by the bar. Throwing my body back for flat db press doesn't make them fly out and they are small enough to look the part when I get changed and walk home. I have beats studio wireless and I hate them compared to these now! The fast charge, easy parting and magnetic buds are all added bonuses. Comfortable with the buds in the box but wings and tips to suit all, these are a masterpiece.

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    WOW!!! At last earphones that are worth every penny. These are exactly as described, they connect flawlessly, last a long time and the sound quality is just as good as top end head and earphones that I have spent a lot on. I'm completely addicted to headphones and these are the best on the present market and now my number 1 earphones.

    I've had most of the Beats range and I can honestly say that they have cracked it with the earphones.

    I can't explain how good these are but I do totally recommend them and I think you should get them now before the secret gets out on how good these are.

    A must but.

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    Exactly what I needed

    Unbelievably good. Comfortable and so easy to use. The range also blows me away, stays connected to my phone and mac as I move around the office. Highly recommended!

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