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    Excellent quality

    • Written by Jeanne N from York

    I bought one of these while in the US. Very expensive, especially if you have to pay European VAT, but the quality is excellent. The leather is thin and light, so doesn't take up much bulk, but it's of high quality, very soft but sturdy and will protect the iPad from scratches when carried inside another bag. I always use my iPad without an attached cover so as to feel the design of the product itself, but according to other users this sleeve will also fit if you have a smart cover or keyboard attached. The fit is slightly loose without one, but I don't really worry about it falling out (though I wouldn't regularly carry it upside down). I mainly bought this because I wanted a sleeve with an integrated holder for the Apple Pencil, so I wouldn't lose it or have to remember to carry it around, and this seems to be the only option at the moment, but it does the job with perfection: holds the Pencil very securely, but it's also easy to take out. It's a pleasure to use and feel. If you can afford it, this is a worthy investment.

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