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    Dear Tim Cook

    Headphones.. on the face of it not the most important purchase you will ever make however it’s incredibly annoying when they simply aren’t fit for purpose. I’ve had 6 pairs of these, not because of some misguided headphone fetish but because they stop working after a couple of months. I’ve stopped counting how many runs or gym sessions have been finished in silence because the headphones have conked out. I’ve been a fan of apple products for years because they simply just worked... these don’t. No more replacements for me..ive switched to wireless Bose sports headphones which are cheaper and by a significant margin better. I’m so annoyed by how bad these are that I’d no longer just default to Apple for tech. There are so many threads on these headphones with appalling reviews and yet you still continue to sell them. Do yourself a favour Tim .. Stop. Start again with something that copes with a bit of sweat.

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