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    Prepare for repair

    I have enjoyed beats for the majority of my life. I’m 15, I got my first pair in 2010, I loved them and used them constantly. The new Beats Solo3 came out and I was ecstatic! I had to buy them, so I got a paper round and saved up every penny. Finally I could buy the headphones I wanted. I loved and used them every single day. 2 months out of the warranty and the left headphone suddenly stops working, it was a disaster but I had faith in Apple and immediately called them, expecting to pay a price for the unexplained break. When I find out I have to pay £136.44 for the service I was taken back. It took me ages to save up for them and now I have to pay nearly half the price I paid in the beginning for a repair for a fault I never caused! I’m an Apple advocate and I love all their products but it seems strange that these, expensive, luxury, amazing headphones break two months out of their warranty date. It upsets me, I won’t be able to afford the fix and now every activity I do is changed. Walking to school. Going on runs. Dancing. Going to bed. Waking up. Everything is effected.

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