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    Red leather iPhone X case

    Looks great. I find cheaper cases make iPhone look bad but this one doesn't detract much from the appearance of the phone and adds its own style. The phone fits perfectly in to the case and all the buttons and holes line up great with no looseness. The leather looks and feels great, providing enough grip to remove the worry of the phone slipping out of your hand. The mute switch is easy to reach with a fingernail. The only downside is the case can become dirty over time so try not to use your phone if your hands are dirty. I recommend you keep your phone in its own soft pouch to keep the phone free of scratches, dirt and dust. A bit pricey but why buy a phone that costs around a thousand pounds and then destroy its appearance with a cheap plastic case that will become loose over time and maybe even trap dust and scratch the phone? I've had this one nearly four months so far, and with a handful of removals and insertions of the phone, the case still fits snugly and there are no signs of weakness in the structure.

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