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    • Written by Tiffany D from Pontneathvaughan

    This charger works really well! I only need a new one because I travel with it a lot and my friend has broken my current one, it lasted me a year and a couple of months so can’t complain too much. Will need to order a new one as soon as though because at the minute my phone is saying that it may not be supported which after a year of using it baffles me as it’s worked fine till today (12/11/2018).

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    No problems

    • Written by Graham S from Cullompton

    I visited this site to buy another charger cable so that I could use it separately from the charger on my computer. I have had my original charger cable for three or four years, used daily, and have never has one fail. I do not understand what people do with their cables to make them fail. I was surprised to read some of the reviews. My experience has been nothing but excellent.

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