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    Brilliant headphones, didn't think they would be so good

    I bought these headphones as I fancied something wireless and whilst the earbuds are good i wanted something that would block out external sound, so I bought these. Best decision ever. They come with a number of fittings and I have to admit it took me a while to find the best for me but they fit snugly and block out lots of external sounds. A lot is made of how easy they are to pair with an iPhone, which they are, but you do this once and never have to think of it again. The battery life on them is good, but what is great is how quickly they charge. It makes the battery life irrelevant. 5mins of charging makes them usable for hours. The only down side I would say, and this is not really that bad, is that it took me a while to practice putting them back into the case, they fold in a special way that isn't that intuitive. Overall they're great, don't regret buying and I would buy them again in a flash.

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