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    So far.. Annoying

    I have an original Smart Cover with my iPad Air and whilst that was great, this is not so much.

    Apple have changed the geometry of the hinge slightly and now the cover doesn't sit flush with the back of the iPad when open, the bottom third is lifted away from the back and moves back and forth as you hold the iPad. This turns out to be really annoying. I'm hoping the hinge may soften a bit with time and allow the cover to stay flat, but I'm not holding out much hope. Add to that the fact that the top third of the cover also rests awkwardly on the camera bump and the whole concept falls flat.

    It all ends up feeling like one of those products that the designers never used themselves, or if they did, didn’t have the opportunity to refine properly for the iPad Pro. I'm not sure the premium price of this once great cover is still reflected in the attention to detail in the end product.

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