• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    No shock protection.

    This case looks smart. But buyers should be aware
    1. the red colour on the website (post-box red?) is a bit deeper than the colour of the real case which is more mid-red. That's OK by me.
    2. It's said to be leather, but feels brittle and looks like hard red plastic.
    3. There's no shock protection. My previous Tech21 Evo Mesh had a soft lining, but unfortunately the white and transparent pattern turned an ugly patchy yellow after about 6 months. The replacement on guarantee also turned yellow. On the other hand, the hard thin red plasticky leather keeps the phone's size down. I'd prefer shock protection.
    4.£39 is a rip-off for this plasticky leather. I was expecting a soft touch, thicker leather which would have had shock protection.

    The only reason I am not returning it is that I can't find a decent alternative, either at Apple or elsewhere.

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very good case

    I thought that you’d have to get an iPhone 5S case to work with the iPhone SE. I mean they do have the same form factor. Luckily, this case works well with the phone. My friend has this case and she really likes it. I like leather cases as I think they are more protective than silicone. My only complaint is that it should have come out when the phone was released back in March 2016. But other than that, I like it.

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