• 3.0 out of 5 stars

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    • Written by Yasmin H from Enfield

    -Connected well to my phone
    -connects at a medium-fast rate
    -Box comes with a lot of spare earbuds
    -It's a nice white, clean good quality material
    -Convenient for phone calls as you can multitask
    -Charges via lightning which is convenient

    -The bass in these is the lowest I've ever heard in a pair of earphones and I've been through quite a few of them. It makes it feel like half the song is missing
    -Charge life does not last that long
    -The mic bugs out sometimes; I've had to repeat myself so many times on the phone even though the mic is right next to my mouth
    -The wires are awkwardly loopy (when you have the earbuds in) cos of the sturdy material. Feels a little odd.

    Overall whilst I am really disappointed with these considering Beats and Apple's reputation due to the lack of sound quality and technical convenience, I kept them anyway for its portability during phone calls. It's really convenient in that sense as I can eat, wash up, walk handsfree whilst taking calls. If you are looking for sound quality and value, then steer AWAY from these. Defo not worth the price.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    If you can live with just Ok...

    • Written by Abelardo J from Orpington

    Bought mine last August, after using and returning an Anker bluetooth earphones. Pairs great with my iphone, the silicone ear plugs are very comfortable. The left side even conforms to my tragus piercing. I find the neck band surprisingly comfortable too. It kept the earphones balance, by that, I mean, I did not get the cord dropping in one side, which I got with the previous Anker. Sounds Ok, it does not have the same "body" as compared to the sound coming from my wired apple earphones (I am not an audiophile. I have only used the earphones that comes with my phones, so take this comment with a grain of salt). And at this price range, I expected it to come with accessories... which it does not.