• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    I would wait for the second iteration

    • Written by Stephan F from London

    The Powerbeats Pro look fantastic but I have two issues with them that warrant returning this pair and waiting for an update.
    Most importantly, they do not have an "off" button. This means that they stay connected to your iPhone after you take them out of your ears. Want to answer a call at work - it gets routed to the PBP. Want to ask Siri on your iPhone a question - you need to put on the PBP first. It also means that they will accidentally start your music anytime one of the buttons is pressed as you carry the PBP loosely in your pocket. This is all very annoying. (They disconnect when you put them in the case like AirPods but the case is too large to carry around).
    Secondly, the sound is a bit "meh"; while the bass is good stand-alone, it gets drowned out by highs if a song has both at the same time. This makes some songs sound tinny.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great fit and sound but has battery issues.

    • Written by Cliff G from LONDON

    Great fit even with wearing glasses with them at the gym. Sound quality as you’d expect from Beats (not too bass heavy this time) and no lag issues when watching videos. The negative is it has a major battery issue. First pair drained average 30/35% over 7 hours out of the case and not connected to any devices. Returned and having same issue with the second pair - essentially they’re losing power when “off”. Very disappointed as should not be happening to £200+ pair of headphones. Almost misleading that it says you’ll get “up to 9 hours” playback Refund on the horizon unfortunately.

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