Bowers & Wilkins MM-1

[Tom Dunmore]

Some of B&W's most innovative technologies have found their way into the MM-1s.

The tweeters, for example, feature the famous tube-loaded design that dampens resonance and produces purer high frequency signals. You'll find the same technology in B&W's studio-grade speakers, used by the likes of Abbey Road.

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Unlike most multimedia speakers which simply amplify the audio output from your computer, the MM-1 bypasses your computer audio altogether. Instead, it connects by USB and streams the music file as raw data. The tricky job of translating that data into glorious hi-fidelity sound is done exactly where it should be inside the MM-1.

The superior audio quality of the MM-1 is matched by its elegant design.

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From the brushed steel finish to the reassuring weight, it's designed not so much to scream quality as seductively murmur it.