Expert advice. Personalized help. Every step of the way.

[Background music playing]


[Customer navigates through Apple Online Store to iPad product page]

If you're thinking about buying an iPad or iPhone, an Apple Specialist can answer your questions and give you a quick store tour on your screen. All you have to do is ask.

[Customer clicks Ask Now button and highlights each option, then clicks Let's Chat]

You can choose whether to simply chat online, have them call you directly, or even view their screen and let them show you around the store.

[A new chat window appears with picture of Apple Specialist, the picture spins around to show a short bio]

You'll be quickly connected to an Apple Specialist and you'll see their picture and a little bit about them.

["Hi. Welcome to Apple. This is Orla." appears in chat window, customer types "Hi Orla. This is Nick." Orla types, "Would you like to chat online or via a phone call?"]

[Nick enters phone number in chat window]

You can chat with them directly on your screen or enter your phone number and they'll call you. And since Specialists don't work on commission, they care only about helping you make the right decisions.

[Nick sitting in front of laptop at home, answers phone]


Hello? This is Nick.


Hi Nick, this is Orla from Apple. How are you today?


Great, thanks. I'm looking for an iPad. Which model would you recommend? Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and Cellular?


[Nick clicks "Yes" in the chat window to accept Orla's invitation to share her screen]

Let me show you some options and we can talk about what would be best for you.


[Orla navigates through the iPad product pages and adds items to the Basket for Nick while narrator speaks]

Once you're connected, you can explore the site together, ask questions, learn more about exactly which device is right for you and find the perfect accessories. Once you decide what you'd like to buy, your Apple Specialist can build your Basket for you.


[Orla clicks Checkout button and Nick receives a Shipment Notification email]

Ok, great. I've added your iPad and Smart Cover to your Basket. And in a moment you'll get a confirmation of your purchase and an invitation to schedule a free live video session so we can help you get the most out of your device when it arrives.


[Customer clicks 21:00]

You can click right here to schedule your session. Just choose a time that works for you.

[New background music playing]

[Nick at home turns on his new iPad, then clicks link in appointment email]

Once your package has arrived and you have your device in hand, just click the link in your appointment email at the time of your scheduled session.

[iPad home screen appears]

This will quickly connect you with your Apple Specialist where you'll be able to see their iPad screen.


[Video of Orla speaking within chat window]

Hi Nick, this is a 30-minute session. I can talk you through setting up Mail and iCloud. We'll check out the App Store and some great apps, and share some tips with you to get you started. How does that sound?


[Orla navigates though iPad screens while narrator speaks]

Through the entire session, you'll be able to see your Apple Specialist's iPad so you can follow along step by step and ask questions. Whether you're just learning the basics or looking to go further, your Specialist is there to help every step of the way.


[Video of Orla speaking within chat window]

It was lovely speaking with you today, Nick, and I really hope you enjoy using your new iPad.


[Nick sits down in his living room, crosses his legs, and starts playing with his iPad]

It couldn't be easier to buy and get the most out of your new iPad or iPhone, from the comfort of your own home.