Live Art: Composing a Narrative with Jen Leem Bruggen

Thursday 28 September

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Apple Regent Street

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Illustrator Jen Leem Bruggen's work is heavily influenced by monoprinting textures and techniques. She uses a muted colour palette and eye-catching imagery to lend a narrative element to her pieces. Bring your iPad Pro and Apple Pencil as she takes you on a journey through her creative process. Then compose a piece of your own, selecting colours and visual motifs to tell a story.

235 Regent Street

London, W1B 2EL

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Jen Leem Bruggen


Jen Leem Bruggen is an Illustrator based in London with a background in traditional printmaking. Her print-influenced pieces combine analogue and digital techniques to create a hand-textured look.

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Experience art come to life as talented artists create with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Hear their stories and go deeper into the craft. Explore new techniques with hands-on sessions. Or just enjoy a music performance as artists illustrate live.

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