Live Art: Layered Beauty with Kelly Anna

Monday 26 March

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Apple Regent Street

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Join freelance artist Kelly Anna and explore the techniques that make her work so distinctive — from the bold, colourful figures to the empowering messages that she adds. You’ll get an insight into how she uses the iPad to create her illustrations. Then you’ll practice importing an image into your work using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, creating layers, colour and patterns to build a final piece.

235 Regent Street

London, W1B 2EL

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Kelly Anna


Kelly Anna is a freelance artist and print designer making waves with her bold figurative work. Slogans like 'Never Tame Your Game' and 'Survival of the Slickest' give her art an outspoken edge.

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Experience art come to life as talented artists create with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Hear their stories and go deeper into the craft. Explore new techniques with hands-on sessions. Or just enjoy a music performance as artists illustrate live.

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