what are advantages of cellular?


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  • That you have Internet everywhere, not just on WiFi. Basically, it would act like your phone.

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  • Response to: What are the advantages of cellular? Let’s begin with the pros: - LTE and 3G connectivity when there is no wifi signal - The iPad will work as a mobile device, although the iPadOS will change the interface slightly Cons: - Not many, besides using LTE or 3G connectivity may increase battery usage slightly - The base price increased sufficiently Hope this helps, if you aren’t crazy about having LTE or being able to call from your iPad (in other words, if you have a phone), then I suggest you max out the storage capacity first.

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  • In addition to the facts stated in the other answers, the Cellular version also has GPS. The non-Cellular does not - although it can be added externally using bluetooth.

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