does it swivel? move back and forth? is is adjustable at all? thank you!

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    The display does not have any swivel "built in" to the hinge, but it can easily be rotated left and right just by rotating the entire unit. I have done this many times at work for other folks looking around me, and works well.

    The display does have a hinge that allows the display to be tilted up and down. This is very effortless, but stays in place where you adjust it. If you want the entire display to move up, you will have to find a stand or books to put underneath the base.

    Hope this helps.

  • Note that this display has a 170º viewing angle, which reduces the need to rotate it. The display is well balanced. I often have the company president perched nest to me a couple of times a day and I can push the right edge or left edge with my index finger and the unit never creeps.