Does the colour fade on the black as I have heard that it does for the red

iPhone 5s Case

iPhone 5s Case

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    I've had mine (the black case) for about 3 months now and it's showing almost no signs of wear and no change in color. I'm fairly gentle with my phones and successfully went for a year using my iPhone 4 without a adjust my experience accordingly depending on how rough you are with your device. Be honest. C'mon. Remember what you did with your phone the other day? Yeah. That wasn't good. A case can only do so much, after all.

  • i have been using it for 5 months now the color wont fade but *it's leather* as you know leather is sensitive be sure you don't put it with your keys !

  • No not at all, I have had my case since before Christmas of 2013 and have not noticed a single fade in colour.

  • I bought mine about four months ago and it started to discolour after just a few weeks. I saw the problem after taking it in and out of my jeans pocket on a day to day use. Although I came on here to see if anyone has any tips for washing it without it losing it’s quality, I couldn’t help but see the other answer to this question - is it just me who’s having this problem?

  • I bought the black one about 10 months ago and it has held up well. No fading whatsoever. There is some friction wear at the edges as I keep my phone in my pocket most of the time. Only issue is some of the charging accessories won't fit in the hole of the case (car charger), however that is more of a design issue of the charger as most other adapters fit.

  • I first got the red case. It got "dirty" after a couple of weeks, similar to a brown leather wallet would for example. Clear shoe polish may have prevented the discoloration, but I don't know.

    I returned the red case for a black one to avoid the effect. After 11 months it has been great. No color fading at all. The edges are shiny from hand oils, but it looks fine.

    The cases protect the phone well. I dropped the phone a half a dozen times with both cases with only very tiny (< 1 mm) chips of the screen on one corner from one of the drops. The cases wore on the inside of the corners (abrasion really) from the drops--barely noticeable. Hope that helps.

  • Yes, I have had one of these cases for almost a year now. The red leather ages badly and, if you carry your phone in your pocket the color will fade quickly leaving ugly black patches.

  • Absolutely NOT!! Mine is nearly a year old and still looks brand new!!!! Excellent quality case, rich black.