Does this support the weight of a GoPro Hero 3+?

I would like to be able to place my GoPro Hero 3+ on the bottom of the Parrot Drove and get awesome aerial shots from above. Is this possible?

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

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    The GoPro Hero 3+ is light enough the AR Drone should be able to easily carry the weight. Stability may be more difficult, as the Drone is not specifically designed to counterbalance extra weight. Affixing the GoPro to the AR Drone may be the more difficult part, as there are no officially made mounts available. But in theory can be done, and has by several people. I suggest you do a google search. and observe other's home made mounts.

  • I think the camera on this drone is more than enough for great video. Parrot drones are really looking out be honest great entry level fun out of the box. I got to try the originals and then the revised ones and they are really fun. They shoot good video and most of all are easy to fly for beginers. I currently use a much more advanced product which is designed just to carry the Go Pro 3 plus. I do not start out with this advanced hobby drone though. I started with a much smaller one. My point in all this is purchase a drone that does what you want but consider starting with something like this for now to have lots of fun in the begining. I totally agree with the other reviewer too that search the Internet for tons of Parrot hacks but save that for later :).