can I use a sound bar connected to my TV with Apple TV connected too

I have a sound bar connected to my television. Now I have my Apple TV also, the sound only comes out of the television and not the sound bar ???

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    There are two different ways that you can get the sound bar from your TV with Apple TV connected too...

    The first suggestion that I'll give you is to check to see if there is an Optical Out on your TV (When powered on, this should outline red), check as well to see if there is Optical In on your sound bar (Check documentation from manufacturer if unsure). If you do, this is the easiest way, just go out and buy a Optical Cable and connect that into your TV and Sound Bar.

    The other alternative, if your sound bar comes with multiple HDMI is to set all your HDMI devices through that and then having one HDMI cable to the TV. This way you would only have to change the Input Settings on your Sound Bar (but only if it has multiple HDMI IN and One HDMI Out, check your documentation from manufacturer)

    Hopefully this helps you out!

    • Answered by Sean S from Calgary
    • Mar 17, 2015