can I watch catch up tv

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  • Yes, depending on how the TV show producer has licensed their show.

    Some networks, like Smithsonian Channel offer their shows for a limited time after they air through their Apple TV app.

    Other networks like PBS, require that you sign up for a free account on their website, and then you can watch their shows for a limited time after they air. Shows like The Roosevelts were available for a week or two. Shows like Carrier have been available for a couple years and are still available.

    Other networks like History Channel and NHL offer some of their shows for all users. The majority of their online offering require that you also have a cable subscription, which you have to authenticate.

    Other networks like ABC and Disney only offer their online content to users who also have a cable subscription.

    There are subscription services like Netflix that have older TV shows available. These are usually a year after they aired. It is a great way to catch up on series that you missed when they originally aired.

    You can also purchase a Season Pass through the iTunes Store. This costs about the same as the DVD or Blu-ray. Like the Blu-ray, you get full HD episodes without commercials. Unlike Blu-ray, you get to watch the episodes the day after they aired on cable.

    Finally with AirPlay, you can use your MacBook to stream anything you can watch on the web to your television through your Apple TV. This allows you to watch content from websites like and on your big screen.

    • Answered by Jack R from Huntsville
    • Jan 18, 2015