Can I watch my iMovies on Apple TV

My iMovies I have purchased take up a lot of space on my Mac. Does Apple TV play movies from the itunes store that I have purchased to save me space on my mac?

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    Sounds like you have two questions:

    [1] Will Apple TV play my home movies that I've created with iMovie? Yes, it certainly will.

    [2] Do I need to keep a copy of my purchased movies on my Mac? No, you don't. On the main Apple TV screen, click the Movies icon, then select "Purchased" in the upper right corner. You'll see all the movies you've ever purchased, and can stream them from the iTunes Store without having to store them on your Mac.

    You can fearlessly delete all your purchased movies from your Mac and download them again later on if you buy a large external disk drive. In iTunes Help, search for "Download previous purchases from the iTunes Store" for the simple instructions on how to do this.

    Note that the only "gotcha" you should remain aware of is that most ISPs impose a monthly "cap" on most of their plans and charge for usage in excess of this cap. So if you stream a 5 GB movie every day, that's 150 GB per month. If your cap is only 100 GB (like mine), you'll be charged for the extra 50 GB. Learn how to check your usage; every ISP provides a web page where you can see how much you've used so far in the billing cycle.

    • Answered by Julian B from Baie-d'urfe
    • Mar 28, 2014