Do the Lifetime and PBS channels on AppleTV require that I have a cable (or other) subscription too?

In an answer to another post, someone said you have to "subscribe to a local PBS station" to get PBS. What does that mean? Donate money to the station? Or have a cable subscription that includes that station?

If I can get Lifetime and PBS for free on AppleTV it's worth the AppleTV cost, because currently I spend money buying episodes of quite a few shows from those channels on ITunes. If I still need a cable subscription to access the content, then what's the point? I have cut my cable connection because I hate the direction Comcast has taken their company and I refuse to pay them another dollar. I'd rather subscribe to different services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and ITunes and just buy the shows I like piecemeal.

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    Lifetime: Yes & No (see below)
    PBS: No

    With Lifetime, A&E and History you can watch older content without needing a subscription... All recent episodes have a little lock next to them, these are the ones that require a subscription.

    • Answered by Daniel D from Cornwall
    • May 1, 2014
  • can use both

    • Answered by Naini L
    • May 19, 2014