If I have a television on which I can already access movies from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, etc., would Apple TV basically be redundant?

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    I have a Smart LG TV with a Smart Home Theater hooked to it and my Apple TV is connected to the home theater. In all honesty, there is some redundancy. Note however, that Apple TV does not have an Amazon app and your TV - mine at least - does not connect to the Apple TV store. So for my setup, I hooked my Apple TV up and I use it for everything except Amazon. When I want Amazon, I use their app for iPad and use AirPlay to send that to the TV. The Apple TV is necessary for AirPlay and so that I can connect to the Apple Store. I've made the decision to not buy DVD's any longer so I save space by buying all of my movies from the Apple Store. If you choose to do the same with Amazon instead, I don't see why you would need an Apple TV.

    • Answered by Thomas S from Bartlett
    • Apr 24, 2014
  • Well maybe, it depends on what you want to do...you can play music and movies you might have on your other apple products, also you can rent movies through iTunes so there are some other features your tv might not have.

    • Answered by Michael P from New Lenox
    • Apr 18, 2014
  • Yes, it is. But it will give you additional access to itunes, youtube, crunchyroll, nfl, nba, redbull etc

    • Answered by Christian Noel R from Quezon City
    • Apr 29, 2014