Is it worth getting an Apple TV if I already have a Viizio smart tv with hulu plus, netflix, amazon, YouTube? I would like iTunes and hbo.

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    IMO yes. The interface is so much better. Especially if your committed to the Apple ecosystem, things like AirPlay and if you use iTunes as your media server. I have a Vizio smarttv and I think the interface is slow and clumsy. Much better to buy a non-smart tv and add an AppleTv. Way better experience. Typically aren't smart tvs about 100 bucks more anyways?

    • Answered by Darin K from Spokane
    • Nov 7, 2014
  • Yes. I have a Smart TV with everything built in, plus a Blu-Ray player with everything built in, plus a Roku3 with everything built in. But the ~$100 I spent on the Apple TV was totally worth it for iTunes, apps for ABC and FOX that none of the others had, iCloud access, and AirPlay and screen-mirroring from my iPhone. I wish I would have bought one MUCH sooner.

    And the remote is so cute!

    • Answered by Robert G from Robins
    • Jan 11, 2015