Is the tv a wifi hog?

Does the tv use lots of wifi bandwidth? If three people are using the internet and the tv is using wifi, will it cause wifi issues?

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  • Good question. Answer: generally speaking, no, Apple TV will not stress the WiFi network very much.

    An HD video stream uses about 5 Mbps of bandwidth. Today's dual-band 802.11n networks are advertised as "up to 300 Mbps" but because of WiFi's half-duplex nature, they max out at about 100 Mbps in real-world throughput. So a video stream will use about 5% of that throughput.

    It's a different story for older single-band 802.11g wireless networks. They're rated at 54 Mbps, and provide about 20 Mbps of throughput. But if you're in an apartment building with many nearby interfering wireless routers, it's likely that yours will downgrade its bitrate to better protect itself against the interference, and effective throughput might drop to 10 Mbps or less. In that case, yes, a video stream could hog most of the WiFi bandwidth.

    So it's best to use Apple TV with a newer dual-band 802.11n or 802.11ac wireless router. Mine works great with the Airport Extreme, and no one notices any change in performance when streaming HD video to the Apple TV.

    • Answered by Julian B from Baie-d'urfe
    • Nov 14, 2013