what can you really do with a apple tv

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  • You really can cancel your cable subscription and save $1,000 a year in entertainment costs.

    My sister got an Apple TV and a Netflix subscription and cancelled her $86 per month cable subscription. After 2 years, she will never go back to cable.

    At home an Apple TV lets you share photo slideshows and home movies wirelessly. With your Apple TV connected to your home network, you can come home from a trip and share your photos as a slideshow using your big screen HD TV. A couple taps on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and the whole family or visiting friends can enjoy your vacation photos and the home movies you recorded.

    At school an Apple TV lets the teacher share presentations and demonstrations to the entire class by mirroring exactly what they see on their iPad or iPhone through the projector. The teacher can interact with the lesson using Apps in a way that just isn't possible with PowerPoint. Even students with iPod touch or iPads can share what they've done or ask questions in a way that lets the whole group collaborate to find an answer.

    At work an Apple TV replaces all of the built in wiring allowing anyone with a MacBook or iPad to share their presentation or do live demonstrations during a meeting. Teams can collaborate in real time on a document, spreadsheet, or presentation by projecting the working copy for everyone to see.

    At home you can augment your existing television content with videos from the Internet. These can be YouTube or Netflix. When you purchase content through the iTunes Store, everything you've ever purchases is available through a menu to watch. You don't have to dig out a disc and put it in a player. Just select the title and it starts playing.

    At home you can bring specialized content to the big screen through the hundreds of thousands of video podcasts available for free. Shows publish content on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule and are instantly available when your schedule allows you to watch.

    • Answered by Jack R from Huntsville
    • Jan 18, 2015