will my mac all in one, run multiple apple tvs throughout my house?

I have an apple tv hooked up in my living room. Could i add more in other rooms and run them off the same computer? does this work, and how good.

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    No problem at all, and it works great.

    Although I only have one Apple TV, last summer I set up one of my friends with *three* Apple TVs all running off the same 2008 iMac. Even though the computer is six years old, you don't even notice anything when it's streaming movies to all three Apple TVs simultaneously. That's because the computer doesn't need to do any video processing at all; it only acts as a file server, and the Apple TVs do the video decoding work.

    In addition to the three Apple TVs, that single iMac also serves up my friend's gigantic iTunes music library to an AirPort Express connected to the Bose SoundDock stereo in his living room. He's in seventh heaven with his setup, there are no longer any squabbles with the wife and two kids about what to watch, and his wife particularly likes the fact that the Apple TVs are small and unobtrusive and only have two cables (power and HDMI) instead of a mess of RCA jacks.

    • Answered by Julian B from Baie-d'urfe
    • Mar 28, 2014