how much storage capacity is recommended onthe ipad pro 9.7

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    Simple answer: as much as you can afford.

    The reason for this answer is a bit technical. It has to do with the way memory is allocated on an iOS device is allocated. The size and boundaries of the "text" and "data" segments are preset, and cannot be changed. The "data" segments are where user data are stored. The includes photos, movies, documents, spreadsheets, etc al. This can be extended through several external means: iCloud, Google Drive, even thumb drives, to name a few. There is virtually no limit. The "text" segments are a different story. This is where programs (apps) and their immediate working space is located. These "text" segments are NOT EXPANDABLE! This means the more apps you want, the sooner you will run out of space and have to delete one or more other apps.

    This is a rather crude generalization, but gets the point across. If you want a lot of pictures and movies and downloads, you can always add iCloud-type storage. If you plan on utilizing as many of the gazillion apps that are out there that you can, get as much memory as you can.

    • Answered by Frederick S from Cape Coral
    • May 7, 2017
  • What's the capacity of recorded songs my iPad can hold ?

    • Answered by William B from Bronx
    • Jun 17, 2017
  • Essentially as big as you can afford. There is no way of increasing the storage after manufacture though there are several ways of using external storage also covered on this Q & A feature.

    • Answered by Bruce N L
    • Dec 15, 2016