Should I get an iPod touch or an iPad Mini? Not much in price difference, but the iPod is handy for listening to music when moving, being pocket size.

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    What type of person are you? Gamer/Music/Internet Surfer etc.
    If you're a gamer then the iPad Mini would be perfect if you're on a budget. It's fast, light and has great graphics.
    If you're into music, then the iPod Touch because you'd be able to listen to music whilst on the go.

    • Answered by Ben F
    • Jan 11, 2013
  • I am stuck in the same situation. My iPod broke and I want to get another one, but I don't know wether to get and iPod or iPad mini.

    I have weighed the pros and cons and I came up with this,


    -Having an iPad -iPad has a bigger screen and
    is harder to take to places bigger keys to press

    -iPod's are cool with -Harder to loose
    their coloured backing

    -iPad's have the same qualities as
    my computer

    -Cases are more expensive and are
    a lot cooler for iPod

    I think I am going to get the iPod and with the extra money I will buy a $30 iTunes gift card

    Hope it helps!!!

    • Answered by Erin B from Sydney
    • Apr 14, 2013
  • I'm not sure if your question has been answered yet, but as of November 10th, 2013, there are more choices.

    iPod touch (fifth generation) - The latest iPod touch. Packed with an A5 chip (512MB of RAM) which is sufficient for a device that size. Has a great 4 inch retina display, a 5MP back camera and a 1.2MP front camera. The 16GB model lacks a back camera.

    iPad mini (1st generation) - A great little thing studded with a dual core A5 chip (512MB of RAM) but lacks a retina display. 5MP camera and 1.2MP front camera. You can either buy a new 16GB model or 32GB and 64GB models refurbished.

    iPad 2 - Essentially a big iPad mini. Same A5 chip (512 of RAM) but lacks a retina display. Pixels are easier to see. VGA quality front and back cameras. It currently sells for $400 for a 16GB model, but larger capacities are available refurbished.

    "The new iPad" (iPad 3rd generation). A5X chip (1GB of RAM) which has slightly better performance than the iPad mini and the iPad 2. Has a gorgeous Retina display. It is no longer sold so you can choose from the refurbished models.

    iPad mini (2nd generation) - the iPad mini everyone has been waiting for. A little bit chunkier (.3mm thicker than the iPad mini), but worth it. Comes with a 7.9 inch Retina display, A7 and M7 chips (which smoke the A5 and A5X chips), and the same types of cameras shown in the first generation iPad mini.

    I mentioned only these models as they were the closest in price. I hope this helped a lot, and for anyone else visiting.

    • Answered by Zachary S from Nescopeck
    • Nov 10, 2013
  • i suggest ipad mini.

    I have an ipad and an ipod.
    i like to read ebooks and i use my ipad for that.
    i use my ipod for music and game apps, although i can read ebooks to on this devices iots not that convenient cause the screen is too small.

    I suggest mini cause its got portability and convinience in terms of size.

    its the best of both worlds

    • Answered by Bryan A from Dbbc
    • Mar 8, 2013
  • ipad mini because it has a larger screen than the ipod touch but you can add more colors to the ipad mini by buying a case

    • Answered by Poonnapat X from Samutprakan
    • Dec 3, 2013
  • ipad touch best for you

    • Answered by Michael B from Gordonsville
    • Dec 25, 2013