should i get ipad air or ipad mini with retina display

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    Well, it depends on what you need in your tablet. For example if you like the iPad mini screen size and a bigger screen does not matter to you then you should get the iPad mini retina because it is the same as the iPad but more portable and much lighter, so you can carry it around with you without having to worry about it too much. It is great for traveling as well, so you can have a much more portable iPad with a decent screen size. Hope this helped and that you can understand what I am trying to say! :D

    • Answered by Aljosa M
    • Nov 16, 2013
  • For mainly home use, definitely the Air. It has a larger screen, but is much lighter than former iPads so it's not a burden on your hands. It's also much thinner, and a little narrower.

    For cafe use and travel, either one works fine. If you always carry a small daypack, either will fit, but obviously a Mini will fit in smaller bags and smaller nooks of larger bags. Optimal viewing experience and esp. with movies (since you lose space due to letter-boxing) is with the larger tablet.

    Both these recommendations assume you "go naked" with your iPad - no back cover. I recommend a front-only, "snap off" Apple Smart Cover and Grip Tape from Hi Tec on the back. The Grip Tape isn't abrasive like skateboard tape, and the strips on the top and bottom rear edges help you hold your Air or Mini and keep the lens glass off a cafe table.

    A slip case like the Rickshaw Bagworks slip case completes my personal travel kit. These are cheap.

    The reason you need to "go naked" is to avoid the weight - not the bulk. EVERY OUNCE COUNTS even with the Air when you are holding it with one hand so you can swipe with the other.

    For smaller kids - ours started at 3 and 1 - the Apple Smart Cover with all-in-one back cover is better. They never lose the flip-over front cover, and the front cover folds backwards to turn into a prop for one edge of the tablet, handy for use on the floor.

    All this having been said, there is ONE scenario in which the Mini excels - if you are an avid book-reader (Kindle or iBooks etc.), then the Mini is MUCH better if you lie back in bed and hold the tablet up over your head. That's the scenario where your hands and arms get the most tired, and the much lighter weight of the iPad Mini rocks.

    • Answered by William W from Emeryville
    • May 8, 2014
  • Depends if you'd rather spend more or less money iPad Air is way better

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    • Answered by Andre S
    • Jun 22, 2014