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    I have had 3 different iPads and always snickered at those who added a silly keyboard to their sleek iPad. That was up until I attended a conference and watched a colleague pull out her iPad with the keyboard and keep up with her e-mails all day. And then there was me who pulled out my big ole laptop to check on e-mails. So then I was off to check out keyboards.

    I initially got the Zaggkeys Cover and loved everything about it including the design, workmanship, feel of the keys, layout of the keys, etc. Just was an overall good purchase. Once I got it home and paired up with my iPad, I kept noticing typos and lots of them - most being double keystrokes. I initially thought it was just getting used to a different keyboard. After 2 days and no let up of mistakes, I returned it for my #2 choice which was the Logitech Ultra Thin keyboard cover. Wow - just love it. As much as I liked the Zaggkeys, this Logitech is so much better. Much lighter in weight and so much easier to just slip in the groove or pull up from the groove and go. And no issues with typos on this keyboard. This Logitech just works so well for me - love it.

    This is not a case but a keyboard cover.

    • Answered by Sheila C from Franklin
    • May 28, 2014
  • i have the Zagg folio it is amazing like a real computer there are 135 different angles to put it at nice leather protective many colors for a backlit key board 7 colors

    There is a flaw or 2 the case blocks the speakers built into the ipad :(

    • Answered by Taylor S from Fort Smith
    • Mar 16, 2014
  • My Zagg folio case with keyboard and backlit display was good - although I also have the double-keystroke problem - until the hinge completely broke after only two months. Going with Logitech from now on.

    • Answered by Lisa N from Edmond
    • Mar 9, 2015