Can I buy wall charger cable and wall plug together

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  • A wall plug (the more technical name is the "wall charger") for charging iOS based devices (like iPhones, iPads, iPods) and the Lightning plug cable (that will be used for charging the iOS devices and synchronising such iOS devices with a PC/Mac Computer via iTunes...) have to be used together but can only be purchased separately at the AppleStores... The wall plug (aka wall charger) comes without any cables and has a USB type 5Vdc output. The other end of the Ligthning cable is USB too, which plugs into that USB output of the wall plug (aka wall charger). Currently Apple has 5W and 12W wall plugs (the lower power one used only for iPhones & iPods) and three lengths of Lightning cables (0.5mt, 1 mt & 2 mt) on sales at the AppleStores.

    • Answered by M. Afak Y
    • Mar 27, 2015