Can an iphone 5th generation case fit my 5th generation ipod?

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    I have the iPod touch 5th generation and i've purchased iPhone 5 cases (hard snap on cases) from eBay and they all fit, on some i had to cut off the plastic line near the volume buttons because on the iPhone 5 case it would always turn the volume up on my iPod cause of the plastic line piece touching the button since they don't line up cause the buttons aren't the same on the iPhone/iPod, i just cut the line between the volume buttons and it works great, but some cases they don't have the line they are all open around the volume buttons.

    • Answered by Victoria J from Huntingdon
    • Jan 4, 2014
  • Unless you are looking at a sleeve and not a hard case. Any form-fitting case is made for the one or the other, only.

    • Answered by Tiffany H from Lehigh Acres
    • Jul 5, 2013