Ipod Touch - Will I have the ability to pick and chose what I want to l;isten to from my library?

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  • Yes, iPod Touchs' all allow the user to scroll all music stored on the device & chose the song to play. You can scroll through songs by artist, all songs, even the album featuring the song, From there, you chose song & allow it to run through all songs in order-as with a record, or have the songs shuffled/played in an order determined by the iPod. It can shuffle in order or just a randomly, through 1 album,every song on your device, or songs by a certain artist. Or, you can create song lists 1 of 2 ways. #1 is a personally created list & done by choosing 'edit', then (something like) a prompt to 'create & name a new list'. Say you use '80's Music'...then go through your music, only choosing the 80's songs you'd like on the list. Your list will be saved indefinitely, you can play it at will, even add/delete songs from it,or delete entire list. An easy, fast & fun choice is a 'Genuis List', which is actually created by the iPod, from an initial song of your choosing. with songs from your device. It's started similarly to the other list, chose 'Genius List', name the list...say this is 'Vintage Date Night', & choose the 1st song, This is the 'map' for Genius Play, it's 'studied', for tone,the song speed, the loudness or softness, along with other things that song embody, putting them in a certain genre.So, chose something fitting of the song list title & feeling/era you want the list to exude. Say, 'The Way You Look Tonight' by Tony Bennett, is your 1st; expect many similiar sounds from that era, or any one that are true to style, your list will come out well-varied. Plus, if you hate it, dump & do-over. This is more than you asked, lol. Just think of the Touch as a tiny iPad, pretty much same thing,I have & ❤️������ both+iPhone. Have fun!

    • Answered by Ana S from Stillwater
    • May 9, 2014
  • Yes on every apple iPod touch you have full power over what song you want to listen to. Unlike say the iPod shuffle where you have to wait until the song is played or cycle through them randomly and hope its next. But to get back to topic, Yes you will have full access to any song you have bought and is on your library, you can pick and choose at will.

    • Answered by Jack R from Billerica
    • Apr 7, 2014
  • Yes

    • Answered by Maria M from Austin
    • Jul 25, 2014