I am getting a laptop for college,work, and gaming. Are the macbook pro laptops right for me?

I was looking at alienware computers but macs just seem, well the only way i can say this is better quality so im really hoping that i can find a mac that will be able to handle some games and possible school work

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  • The Macbook Pro is going to be amazing for you! The Macbook Pro's are great for handling and they pack in many applications into one laptop that you can bring almost anywhere.
    The Macbook Pro is more than innovative, it's a complete package for people that are perfectionists or busy or have careers in the Fine Arts department.
    I love Macbook Pro's because they virtually never get any viruses and they are amazing at processing everything smoothly and fast.
    I'm never going back to any computer other than one's made by Apple <3
    (That's how much I love them. :D)

    • Answered by Audrey T from San Antonio
    • Jun 12, 2011