MacBook Air 13 or Pro 13? HELP PLEASE!

I've been owning a MacBook Pro 13.3" for about 8 months so far but I also have been having some issues with it because it's so heavy and it's pretty hard to carry around since I have to bring it to school and other places pretty often, I dropped it once because of the weight of its. So, my mom suggested me to sell it and get a new one. I'm deciding between the MBP 13 (same as the one I have right now) and the MBA 13" (because it's lighter to carry around). The MBP is great for me because it has a lot more storage but I also need something lightweight too.. What I usually do on my MBP is
- writing essays
- making presentations
- watching videos
- listening to music
- surfing the internet
- and playing games once in a while..

I also take a lot of pictures, I probably have more than 20,000 pictures by now and the number is constantly growing up. So, the storage is a pretty big issue for me too (I have already used 221.03 GB of all the storage on my MBP). That's why I decided to go with the MBP last time because it has much more storage than the MBA. But this time, I'm really really confused which one should I go with. By the way, the CD/DVD SuperDrive thing is not completely important to me that much anymore. And I'm not that kind of person who really knows how to take care of my stuff so I would like to have the one that's more durable, which I heard it's the MBA. But with the 128GB storage on the MBA, would that really be enough even if I had an external hard drive? I don't know, please help me decide which one I should go with this time..

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    Being an educator and having a hobby as photo enthusiast, I hear your dilemma loud and clear. I've been using MBP with Retina Display (15") and it's wonderful.... especially for pictures. Because I have many pictures, I bought an external drive. It's always a good idea to have a back up for all your precious pictures. More on external drive later.

    Recently, my shoulders has been complaining of weight that I've been lugging around. I recently switched and bought a MBA (11") and so far, so good. Even though it's only 128 GB, I have some USB drives to take all necessary documents with me. Having a lot more portable laptop is very useful in a school environment. MBP is still at home and I use it only at home. MBA will go where I go. i.e. work, travels, etc.

    Back to external drive, you have to make sure they can run on the OS you have on your computer. So be sure to check and see which external drive CAN run on your computer. (i.e. Mavericks) Along with external drive, you may want to burn your pictures onto a CD/DVD as a double back up. Knowing how priceless pictures can be, I do that.

    Hope this helps some.

    • Answered by Anli K from Flushing
    • Nov 30, 2013