We run 4 MacBooks at home and would like to purchase the time capsule and attach an external hard drive to it to access our media files.

Should we get a USB only drive (like Passport) which is small and quiet. Or one with its own power supply? 2TB is sufficient.

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  • I have had limited success with LaCie or passport drives. My time capsule is part of the connected network drives list. With a disk password configured and saved in keychain I can access the time capsule drive, create a folder and drop in those files. They are limited from finder searches unless you choose the drive in the search window itself. Which is great privacy if you have files you don't wish to be explored by casual users.

    • Answered by Jennafer Y from Kayenta
    • Jul 20, 2014
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    speed of the drive won't be an issue. Noise might be something to consider depending on where you locate the drive. For me, the most important concern is the reliability. Hard drives go bad, especially now that they are so cheap.

    If your media is something that would be terrible to lose, then invest in something more reliable than a shared single drive. Synology and Drobo each have some good solutions.

    Currently I have a setup that uses a time capsule and an external LaCie quadra drive running RAID. It's a bit noisy, but not terrible. If I were doing it from scratch now, I'd use a Synology setup.

    • Answered by Cristopher P from Upton
    • Dec 15, 2013