Will the sound play through the tv or just the laptop with the picture on the tv?

  • Asked about:  Apple HDMI-to-HDMI Cable 1.8m

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    The sound plays through the TV. You can also use Apple TV to play the music on your computer or iPhone/iPad through the TV speakers, which probably sounds better than the speakers on your computer.

  • The sound will play through the TV.

  • System preferences -> sound -> Output -> HDMI

  • I play my apple tv through my sound system by using a spare HDMI input on my receiver and I've programmed a button on my Harmony remote for Apple TV. That button automatically turns on my Marantz receiver, then my Sharp TV and I'm good to go. I still use the tiny remote for my apple tv to navigate though, as the programming of all it's functions on my Harmony is a bit more time consuming than I want to spend. This way when I stream videos via apple tv, I get the full effect of great 7.2 surround.

  • sound play through tv when airplay it..